About the project
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About the project

What information of sights of Riga can be received from various sources? What in general inhabitants of Riga know about the city? Riga does not come to an end on a habitual Old city or the Historical city centre. Outside the centre there is also what to take a look at.

The purpose of the project - to acquaint inhabitants of Riga and city visitors with history of Riga, its present and future. To show Riga as a many-sided city in which everyone can find something important for himself.The visitor of www.citariga.lv, having looked old and modern photos, drawings, cards and other historical sources, having got acquainted with memoirs of other visitors, will receive all-round and well illustrated information on a unique historical heritage of areas of Riga.

You also can take part in the realization of this project, giving us Your ideas, opinions and memoirs. For more detailed information contact us at info [at] citariga.lv.