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Other Riga :: Kundzinsala


Kundzinsala is area and island in Riga. The name Kundzinsala means "The nobleman's island" in Latvian.

On pretty small territory of Kundzinsala there is Riga Free harbour, little floured dwelling-house buildings and up to 2008 - gardens.

Kundzinsala was established step-by-step starting from the second part of 18th century after the defence dike was built and Daugava bed was deepened. The island was made form loads of small islands. The smallest among them was Duck Island, which was the separate island until the end of the 19th century.

After the World War II, Kundzinsala changed. The islands became bogged up. Some of them were fully flowed together with Kundzinsala and now are half islands of Kundzinsala. Gulbju Island, Maza Ilkenu Island and Butovica Island completely vanished. The iron-concrete bridge was built, which connected the Island and Sarkandaugava. Railway Bridge was built for the need of harbour.

Container terminal of the harbour is the biggest terminal of such kind on the east bank of Baltic see.

www.citariga.lv invites you to get acknowledge with the quietest blocks of Riga, which during the long period of time was the place of gull and other birds nesting.