Berg's market
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Berg's market

Berg's market

Berg's market

Berg's market is one of the building ensembles, built in between the streets of Elizabetes, Dzirnavu and Marias. Kristaps Bergs (Kalnins) was the son of farmhand, who came to Riga and soon became the famous house holder, manufacturer and social worker. The Berg's market was built on the private land and was planned to be the trade complex. The buildings were built in 1887 - 1900. The last house was built after the death of Berg.

During the soviet times the whole complex was thrown away. In 1982 there was a plan to demolish the half of the buildings and to build the sample for the socialistic purchases haven. After the Latvian reclamation of independence the market was given to Berg's grandsons, who afterwards have made the reconstruction works in it.

Berg's market on the Riga map