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Riga Radio and TV Tower :: Other Riga sights :: Sights :: Other Riga
Riga Radio and TV Tower

Riga Radio and TV Tower

Riga Radio and TV Tower

TV tower is 368 m high. It is in top 10 most highest towers of the world and the third highest in Europe. The examination area is on the height of 97 m. It is possible to see the centre of Riga from it, also - Pardaugava, Riga and GES; but in the good whether conditions even Riga gulf, its ships and the highest places of Sigulda. The architect of the tower was Georgian Nikuradze. The TV centre has begun its broadcasting in 1986. The construction and equipment mounting works continued until 1989.

Transport to the TV Tower
• From the centre by 19th trolley until the stop "Zakusala".
• From the centre by 20th trolley until the stop "TV centre".
• From the centre by 40th buss until the stop "Zakusala".

Riga TV Tower on the Riga map

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