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Riga Christ Cathedral

Riga Christ Cathedral

Riga Christ Cathedral

Riga Christ Cathedral was built during the period of time from 1876 until 1884 according to the project of architect Robert Phlug. During the process of construction the primary project was changed several times. The authors of the project added the bell-tower near the entrance. The reason for these changes was tsar's Alexander II gift - twelve bells poured out in Moscow. The cathedral was embellished with five gilded domes, with crosses. The walls were planked with yellow bricks.

During the evacuation in 1915 the cathedral has seriously suffered. All the bells except one were sent to Nizniy Novgorod, but they were never sent back in Riga. The cathedral was closed during soviet times according to the order of the Council of Ministers dated by October 5, 1963. On its place since 1964 the Republic House of knowledge has been opened. In 1990 the cathedral was given back to Synod, but starting from July 1991 the renovation works begun. The first public worship was held in the cathedral on January 6, 1992.

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