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Riga City power plant in Andrejsala


Andrejsala<br>Photo: andrejsala.lv

Andrejsala is a special district of Riga, located within former territory of industrial port next to the city center.

Most of the island of Riga emerged after the Daugava deepening works. Andrew Island was not an exception. In 1807 there is still no such island in the harbour plan, but opposite to Cars' island there is a shelf. This shelf was growing until it rose onto the level of the sea. But Andrew Island did not exist to long as an island. Buy the end of 19th century this was already peninsula.

Andrejsala<br>Photo: andrejsala.lv

In 1893 an elevator was built on Andrew Island. During 20th century industrialisation and development of the harbour processes continued. Two harbours were open on the island - Export harbour and Andrew's harbour.

But at the end of the 20th century Andrew Island becomes ecstatic and many functional place near the historical centre of Riga. It is currently developed into a significant art, culture and entertainment center featuring exhibition halls, clubs, workshops, studios, a cafe and a hotel. The plans of future development of the area is in the works as of June, 2007. Almost all buildings in Andrejsala will be demolished and in there place will be built new.