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St. Janis's church :: Old Riga :: Sights of Riga :: Other Riga
St. Janis's church

St. Janis's church

St. Janis's church

There used to be a monastery based by Dominicans in 1234 on a place of today's St. Janis's church. In 1523 the City town hall has taken away a monastery from Dominicans. The Latvian parish has got it back in its property in 1582. In 1587 - 1588 St. Janis's church has been expanded as a result of completed extension of an altar. In the 18th century the church has suffered some times, therefore it has been reconstructed. The turret of the church which has remained until nowadays, have been constructed in 1849 by the project of architect Felsko.

St. Janis's church on the Riga's map