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The "Cat's" House :: Old Riga :: Sights of Riga :: Other Riga
The "Cat's" House

The Cat's House

The "Cat's" House

The building is well-known due to two metal cats situated on the roof of the building. This house has been constructed in 1910th as dwelling and office building. The owner of the building - some rich Latvian dealer has not been accepted in the Big Guild. The dealer has taken offence, and put two cats on the roof of building. Cats tails were turned to a building of the Big Guild, what clearly showed owner's cynical relation to the Guild and its members. Such incident has caused a big scandal, but only by the order of the city council iron cats have been turned to other side.

Photos of the Cat's House
The Cat's House The Cat's House The Cat's House

The tower of the cat

One of the two cats

The Cat's House

The Cat's House on the Riga's map