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Sarkandaugava is a neighbourhood of Riga. The name of the neighbourhood derives from that of the Sarkandaugava (Red Daugava) Sarkandaugava - it was 2,5 km long and 25 m wide tributary of the river Daugava, which started at so called pastures. E. H. Brotce assumed in 1806, that Sarkandaugava was called Sarkandaugava because of the yellow and pink mountains, which at that time were rising on the right bank of the river.

Dauderu museums. 2008.

Until the middle of 19th century in topographic materials this gutter of Daugava was going by the name "Punishment ditch", because of the fact that in the memory it remained as a place for punishment. In the Middle Ages those who were caught in connection with magic and devil where taken here. Tied people were thrown in the water and if the person rose to the surface it meant that the devil helped him. Than the accused in magic were burned down in fire.

Holy Trinity Church in Sarkandaugava. 2010.<br>Photo: Denis Polocks

Sarkandaugava was without any doubt the cradle of Riga manufacturing. The oldest Riga manufacture is sugar manufacture "Rave", built in 1784 on Duntes Street. Sarkandaugava can be considered as the first block, where in 1830s a lot of big enterprises were concentrated along Old Daugava and Ganibu dike. In Sarkandaugava located enterprises reflected the specifics of the whole Baltic region of that time, because of the fact, that wide profile enterprises were situated on pretty small territory.

But this is not all Sarkandaugava. There are also 3 churches, Dauderu museums, different architecture and developed mill on this territory.